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uddi-spec-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: ben.bloch@systinet.com


I hope this is the right place to send the mail.  If not, I apopologize.  The UDDI dev and spec mailing lists kicked me back.  I am an OASIS memmber but am not on UDDI TC.

In any event, here is my question:
Iam trying to figure out whether the use of hostingDirector in UDDI V3 is compliant with Ws-I Basic Profile 1.0.

R3100 of Ws-I Basic Profile basically the prohibits the use of hostingRedirector in V2 because it is used instead of accessPoint:


REGDATA of type uddi:bindingTemplate representing a conformant INSTANCE MUST contain the uddi:accessPoint element.”

However, because V3 makes hostingRedirector a valid useType for an accessPoint rather than an OPTION  to accessPoint, it is not “explicitly” in violation of BasicProfile.  V3 hostingRedirector still seems to violate the spirit of it however which is that  “the network address of the instance be directly specified.”

Overall, I am putting together whether some Best Practices and see the use of hostingRedirector and Ws-I compliance in potential conflict.

Anyone know if V3 hostingRedirector violates Ws-I BasicProfile or have an opinion?  Or if in conflict, who trumps whom, from a Best Practices perspective. Or any thoughts on Best Practices in this area?  

The use case is primarily one of trust and how to allow requests from Client X to Service Y while X may not be trusted by Y but is trusted by intermediary Z  who is in turn trusted by Y.   X can leverage Z (who trusts X) to provide access to Y (who trusts Z).

Thanks in advance. Any comments appreciated.




Ben Bloch

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