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Subject: Question on UDDI v3 keys

Greetings --

I have a question on UDDI v3 keys ... in a deployment UDDI environment, 
what would the process be to ensure that domain owners authorize the 
use of their domain names as v3 key components?

The way that I see it, it would be possible for me (not an owner of 
xyz.com) to beat XYZ, Inc. to a public registry and create a key 
generator that looks like uddi:xyz.com:services:keygenerator unless the 
operator validates that the owner of the key root (the domain name) 
authorizes the use of the key. Do you know if operators are prepared 
for this in some way? Or will this be rationale to continue using 
v2-styled keys until there is some form of DNS-related integration of 
some sort -- and would this even help?

I have not seen this dealt with/mentioned by the UDDI committee ...

Am I missing something?

Tom Winans

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