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Subject: [Using wsdl in a uddi registry] Manage multiple Wsdl files

I'm currently working with the technical note "Using wsdl in a uddi 
registry, version 2.0.2".
I have a question about the publication of a service which have multiple 
accesspoints describes into multiple wsdl files.
It's the same service, thus all wsdl have the same target namespace, 
only wsdl binding and port are differents.

Following to the technical note, when I publish these services, I 
obtain, in the registry, a single service (because they have the same 
namespace), a bindingTemplate for each wsdl port, a TModel for each wsdl 
binding but an unique TModel for the wsdl portType.
I hope this is correct up to now.
So, the problem is that, because I have only one TModel corresponding to 
the wsdl portType, the overviewURL corresponds to the first service that 
I have published.

My question is how I do for having a overviewUrl corresponding to each 
wsdl file ?
Must I publish a new TModel for each wsdl ? That seems incorrect because 
only wsdl bindings and ports changes between wsdl files so portTypes are 
Must I publish a Service for each wsdl even if it's the same service ?


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