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Subject: Re: [uddi-spec] November FTF - List of Who is Attending...

Bruce Stephens will NOT be attending this meeting.

At 05:06 PM 10/31/2002 -0600, Tom Bellwood wrote:

>Below is the list of people who have indicated they will NOT attend the
>November FTF meeting in Philadelphia:
>Akira Shimaya
>Arle Lommel
>Toufic Boubez
>Trey Drake
>Alok Srivastava
>Mathew MacKenzie
>Arun Candadai
>Steve Anderson
>I therefore believe that the list of those who WILL attend is the rest of
>our membership.  If you see your name in this list and do not indend to be
>at the FTF, please post your intention asap so that Claus can plan hosting
>Ahmed, Zahid
>Alban, Hedy
>Anobile, Mike
>Atkinson, Bob
>Bellwood, Tom
>Cahuzac, Maud
>Cho, Pyounguk
>Clement, Luc
>Colgrave, John
>Corda, Dr. Ugo
>Cox, Bill
>DeNicola, Mike
>Dadbhawala, Dharmesh
>Dovey, Matthew
>Felsted, Patrick R.
>Feygin, Daniel
>Gadbois, David
>Garg, Shishir
>Hashida, Yukio
>Hately, Andrew
>Henry, Brad A.
>Hunter, Ian D.
>Januszewski, Karsten
>Kawai, Aikichi
>Kibakura, Keisuke
>Kurt, Chris
>Lam, Alex
>Lee, Sam
>Macias, Paul A.
>Mangtani, Komal
>Munter, Joel
>Patil, Sanjaykumar
>Portillo, Christina
>Reed, Archie
>Rogers, Tony
>Rossomando, Phil
>Sarukkai, Sekhar
>Stephens, Bruce
>Sweet, Andrew
>Thomas Manes, Anne
>Turner, Kirby
>Viens, Steve
>von Riegen, Claus
>Voskob, Max
>Wahl, Mark
>Weiner, Micheal
>Zagelow, George
>Tom Bellwood       Phone:  (512) 838-9957 (external);   TL:  678/9957
>Co-Chair, OASIS UDDI Specification TC
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