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Subject: [uddi-spec] Email Ballot: Approval of the"Using WSDL in a UDDI Registry, Version 1.08" UDDI Spec TC Best Practice.

I Approve.


   Resolved that the "Using WSDL in a UDDI  Registry, Version 1.08" (
   ) document be approved as a UDDI Spec TC  Best Practice.

   Note: You can find a PDF version of the document at  the following


   As documented in the OASIS TC Process (
   ), the voting rules to approve a Best Practice (BP) follows the same
   rules as those required to approve a TC Specification. As such, approval
   requires at least 2/3 of the total membership of a TC voting to approve
   and no  more than 1/4 voting to disapprove.

   The vote will be carried out via e-mail commencing  Monday 18 Nov 2002
   (Pacific) and closing Monday 25 Nov (Pacific). For the  purposes of
   e-mail vote counting, the quorum is constituted by the whole TC

   To approve reply with "Approve"; to  disapprove to reply  with
   If approved, the BP will be posted  as appropriate to the TC's Web page.

Tom Bellwood (IBM) / Luc Clément  (Microsoft)
Co-chairs, OASIS UDDI Spec TC

Tom Bellwood       Phone:  (512) 838-9957 (external);   TL:  678/9957
Co-Chair, OASIS UDDI Specification TC

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