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Subject: RE: [uddi-spec] WSDL TN: Issue 3 - UDDI V2 equivalent of wsdlDeployment


Although I suggest that we rename the tModel from WSDL URL Reference to
something like WSDL Deployment Option (uddi.org:wsdl:deployment).


> -----Original Message-----
> From: John Colgrave [mailto:colgrave@hursley.ibm.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 9:00 AM
> To: uddi-spec
> Subject: [uddi-spec] WSDL TN: Issue 3 - UDDI V2 equivalent of
> wsdlDeployment
> I think it is reasonable to support an approach for UDDI V2 equivalent to
> the UDDI V3 wsdlDeployment support.  I think it is a valid requirement to
> defer to the WSDL file for the address/endpoint information and I do not
> want to force people to have to wait for a UDDI V3 implementation before
> being able to do so.
> I am not sure it warrants changing the V2 specification however, but I do
> not think that is necessary with the modified proposal below.
> It has been pointed out that an empty accessPoint value is not valid, and
> Karsten has suggested using the URL as the value, which I think is a very
> good idea, not least because it is very close to the V3 wsdlDeployment
> approach.  So, the remaining issues are how to model this
> correctly without
> changing the V2 specification.
> In V2, the accessPoint has a URLType attribute and one of the
> values of that
> is "other" and when "other" is used, one of the tModelInstanceInfos must
> imply the meaning of the accessPoint value.  My proposal is that
> we say that
> in the V2 equivalent of wsdlDeployment, we use a URLType of "other" and we
> put the URL of the deployment WSDL file in the value of the
> accessPoint.  To
> disambiguate this case from any other use of "other", we have the
> tModelInstanceInfo for the WSDL URL Reference tModel that is
> currently used.
> The instanceParms can now be removed as the URL is the accessPoint value.
> This tModel also neatly provides an equivalent of the wsdlDeployment
> categorisation of a bindingTemplate that V3 suggests also.
> John
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