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Subject: [uddi-spec] WSDL TN: Issue 5 - identification of port

I think I have already covered at least part of this in one of the earlier
notes.  One reason for requiring the namespace name and local name in the
UDDI metadata is so that equivalent deployment WSDL can be generated by two
independent tools.

The local name is also required in the wsdlDeployment case where a service
has more than one port and only the base URL of the deployment WSDL file is
in UDDI, that is, we are not using XPointer.

I am not sure that you cannot define more than one targetNamespace in a
single WSDL file so the namespace may also be required to uniquely identify
the correct service/port in the wsdlDeployment case also.

We could choose not to categorise the bindingTemplate with the port
namespace in the V3 model, but at the cost of requiring the containing
service to be retrieved to find it.


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