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Subject: [uddi-spec] Transition of uddi-technical and uddi-general lists toOASIS

Title: Transition of uddi-technical and uddi-general lists to OASIS

Dear uddi-technical and uddi-general members,
As part of the transition of UDDI activities to OASIS, many of you will recall from my earlier message to you (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uddi-technical/message/2660) of the UDDI Working Group's intention to transition the uddi-general and uddi-technical lists on YahooGroups to OASIS. The UDDI Member Section has now been stood up at OASIS and the UDDI Spec Technical Committee is already hard at work.

We believe that it is now time to transition the YahooGroups' uddi-technical and uddi-general lists to OASIS. Doing so will help foster greater synergy between the UDDI developer and specification communities by "hosting" these two forums within UDDI.org and OASIS where the specification is managed and evolved. We believe that over time this will allow for greater impact and visibility of both communities.

To this end, the OASIS UDDI Member Section has sponsored and established a public "uddi-dev" list hosted by OASIS for the purpose of supporting activities previously carried out on uddi-technical. In order to ease the transition, uddi-technical's membership has already been added to the uddi-dev list at OASIS, and the new list is now operational.

The OASIS uddi-dev mailing list, like UDDI Technical mailing list, is an open and unmoderated list intended for your use as you explore the technical side of UDDI and for questions and comments. Postings to uddi-general can either be directed to the uddi-dev or uddi-spec-comment lists as appropriate.

While the uddi-technical membership has been added to uddi-dev, the uddi-general membership has not. Instructions how to join the uddi-dev list are provided below.

Effective Sunday 1 December 2002 posting to uddi-technical and uddi-general mailing lists will be disabled. These lists will then be removed in January.

I hope you will support this transition.
Luc Clément
Co-chair, OASIS UDDI Spec TC

Member, OASIS UDDI Member Section Steering Committee
Former Program Manager, UDDI.org
---------------------------- Joining the uddi-dev list -----------------------------
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