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Subject: [uddi-spec] FW: (repost) URI Scheme Review Mailing List; URI BOF atnext IETF meeting


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From: www-tag-request@w3.org [mailto:www-tag-request@w3.org]On Behalf Of
Larry Masinter
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 12:11 AM
To: www-tag@w3.org
Subject: (repost) URI Scheme Review Mailing List; URI BOF at next IETF

Please follow-up to uri@w3.org; http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/uri/
URI Scheme Review Mailing List

A new (separate) mailing list has been established
specifically for the purpose of IETF review of
proposed URI schemes. The list is


The list is moderated; Patrik Fältström <paf@cisco.com>
is currently the moderator. See
https://www1.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/uri-review for info about
the mailing list. Please subscribe if you are interested and willing
to help review URI scheme proposals and registrations. A separate
list was established because specific review requests for URI schemes
tended to not get responses on 'uri@w3.org'.

URI BOF at next IETF meeting

At the next IETF meeting (http://www.ietf.org/meetings/IETF-56.html)
a BOF meeting has been scheduled Thursday, March 20, 2003 1300-1500
to discuss various URI issues.

The current proposed agenda is:

* 5 min Larry Masinter
        Introduction, Agenda bashing

* 30 min Roy Fielding
        Updating RFC 2396 (URI) to Standard
        Goals: disseminate information about activity
               encourage focus on issues
               review issue list
               create schedule and milestones

* 30 min Martin Dürst
        Review plans for IRI to Proposed Standard
         Goal: Review IAB issues and coordination with DNS I18N
               review process & mailing list
               establish schedules and milestones

* 30 min Patrik Fältström
         Discuss "process for registering new URI schemes" and new
         mailing list.
         Goal: refine process to insure timely and complete feedback
               consider updates to RFC 2717 & RFC 2718

* 25 min Larry Masinter
         Review other URI-related work needed
         (update 'file:' URI scheme, deprecate unused schemes, etc.)
         Summarize state of URI standards at IETF, coordination with W3C
         Goal: decide if any working groups need to be formed, etc.

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