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Subject: V4 Discussion Item - approach to defining data structures and interfaces

This is not a suggestion for a specific piece of V4 functionality, but a
suggestion for a change of focus in the definition of the UDDI data
structures and interfaces.

I think the time is approaching when programming interfaces for UDDI will be
able to be generated automatically from the UDDI WSDL descriptions.  I think
we should take this into account when designing and describing the UDDI data
structures and programming interfaces.

I don't think that this is necessarily a huge change but it will require
several changes in the way that we address the definition of V4, among which
I see things such as:

1) Splitting the core UDDI information model from the programming
interfaces, describing the core structures in "pure" XML Schema and
particular programming interfaces, and data structures particular to one
interface, in WSDL, including embedded schemas.  For example, splitting out
the core data structures such as businessEntity from API definitions and
elements such as businessInfo.

2) Starting with the WSDL for the APIs and incorporating the requirements of
generating programming interfaces from the WSDL and Schema.  A very simple
example of this is not using dispositionReport as a normal response and a
fault, as that can cause problems for Java at least.


John Colgrave

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