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Subject: RE: [uddi-spec] ASN.1 notation as an alternative to XML Schema pr oposal

Title: Message
Shishir Garg wrote:
> May I ask, primarily out of ignorance, why the Schema Centric Canonicalization is a UDDI V3 spec, rather than a more widely accepted spec?
While the reasons why UDDI V3 is not based on one of the existing canonicalization algorithms developed by the W3C but on Schema Centric Canonicalization (SCC14N) are documented in both the SCC14N spec and the UDDI V3 spec, it is not adopted yet by any other work that I know of.
Bob Atkinson had a conversation with folks from the W3C about SCC14N, but I don't know what the result was. Bob, can you give us an update on this?
We may consider to start negotiations again, especially since SCC14N is not specific to UDDI, but is designed to work in a general XML schema processing context.
Claus von Riegen, SAP

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