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Subject: [uddi-spec] Namespace management (corrected spelling)

Hi all,

There is an interesting discussion in ebXML Reg/Rep mailing list about namespace management.
I'll describe the problem briefly here.
Imagine an organisation where 25 departments are creating different XML
documents and formalise them with all sorts of documentation including XML
Schemas. How do they ensure that the new namespace ID they've just come up
with is not already used somewhere else within the organisation?
Sure, they can write a 25 page guide how to name their namespaces (if they
can't they email me and I'll write one for them :), but it's hard to
reinforce anyway.
Solution / High level view

If I can go to my enterprise registry or one of its nodes and find out if the NS is in use, by who, where the
schemas are and all that sort of information.
Solution / Low level view
Use a Taxonomy that would signify a tModel as a unique namespace identifier and ensure that the tModel is unique.
Can one do it using available UDDI means at the moment?
I don't think so, but I can be wrong. Please correct me.



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