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Subject: RE: [uddi-spec] Summary of standards for external taxonomies

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Max, TC,
With regard to taxonomy representations, I suggest the following modeling approach (I will use Topic Maps for illustration).  First, a categorization tModel is created to represent all Topic Maps taxonomies.  Specific topics/topic maps are then represented as separate tModels (lets call them Topic Maps instances) categorized by the Topic Maps categorization tModel.  One of the overviewDocs of those Topic Maps instances should point to the XTM or ISO/IEC 13250 document describing the taxonomy structure ("associations" in the case of Topic Maps).
These Topic Maps instance tModels could then be used in categoryBags to categorize information in the registry with their keyReferences' keyValues containing the value of the topic's ID.  If it is impossible to identify a source attribute to assign to the keyValue attribute, then the Topic Maps categorization tModel should provide documentation on the coding method for keyValue based on attributes of Topic Maps representation schema.  This method should reliably generate unique values within the key space of each Topic Maps instance.
This assessment is based purely on the information provided by Max (and my assumptions about the untold) and may be unimplementable due to obstacles beyond Max's review.
Generalizing this approach for all other taxonomy representation formats, we can support a limited subset of taxonomy functions (no API's yet) identified at the FTF by delegating them to taxonomy specialists and simultaneously providing a way to integrate their work into UDDI.
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From: Max Voskob [mailto:mvoskob@msi.com.au]
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 11:54 AM
To: uddi-spec
Subject: [uddi-spec] Summary of standards for external taxonomies

Hi all ;)
Me (Max) and Matthew prepared a short summary about possible standards for external taxonomies.
Please, find a minute and familiarise yourself with what's available at the moment.
If you think that any of the proposed standards is the way to go - speak up.
If you are aware about another standard that is not included in the doco - speak up too.

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