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Subject: Mapping external taxonomies and ontologies into UDDI

In view of our discussion regarding a standard for external taxonomies (item 5.1 in our agenda) if you have the chance you may wish to have a look at the early work of some Carnegie-Mellon researchers (especially page 8):
have not met Dr. Sycara yet, but her work may be very useful to us. I still don't have a good grasp of what they are doing, and I am not sure I fully agree with this complex approach, but it appears to me that their work is a particular example of what could be done by mapping external taxonomies into UDDI representations.
Obviously the above example was an undertaking focussing on a specific external system, and on establishing its ability to map into the UDDI spec as it was at its early stages of development. DAML is also now evolving into OWL. We will therefore need to look into the following:
1. Find out how UDDI v2 and v3 relate to OWL based on the above mapping model and similar models
2. Extend this examination beyond DAML/OWL to Topic Maps (After looking at the very useful information Max has sent out to us, I feel that Topic Maps are far more promising)
3. Try to find what functionality we can incorporate in UDDI v4 in order to make this kind of mapping better and more flexible



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