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Subject: WSDL TN Review

I have set up an IBM Web Conference to allow me to share a presentation as
part of the review of the new WSDL TN.  It is scheduled to start at the same
time as the regular conference calls (assuming the system handles the switch
back from Daylight Savings Time) on (what is for me) Tuesday April 8th.

I have arranged for 20 connections, so please let me know if you plan to
attend so that I can adjust that if necessary.

I will also arrange for a concurrent audio conference, and an idea of the
number of people planning to participate would be useful for that also.

You will need to prepare your machine to participate in the Web Conference.
To do so, visit http://www-125.ibm.com/ and follow the "Prepare your PC"

At the time of the conference, again go to http://www-125.ibm.com/ and
follow the "Attend" link.  Enter the name of the Web Conference, which is
"UDDI WSDL TN".  You will also have to enter a password, which is "wsdl2tn".
Finally, you will be asked to enter a screen name to identify yourself.

Now all I have to do is write the presentation. :-)

John Colgrave

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