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Subject: UDDI Demo at XML 2003 conference: update from OASIS

Title: UDDI Demo at XML 2003 conference: update from OASIS

I just talked to Dee Schur with regard to the planning process for the XML 2003 conference.
Here are a couple of interesting news:

1. Scenario description
The first draft of our scenario description doesn't need to be very detailed. Actually, it may outline the whole scenario in form of an abstract. What it necessarily should contain is an overview of the demo landscape such as "two different UDDI clients talk to three different UDDI servers" and an idea of to which extent interoperability is demonstrated.

2. Venue
OASIS and IDEAlliance are still determinating an appropriate venue for the demos. It is not decided yet, whether the actual demo will be run in booths in the expo floor on even live on stage.

3. Expenses
IDEAlliance covers the entrance fees for demo attendees but will probably still charge for the booth and/or presentation room.

4. Other OASIS demos
Dee believes that all in all 3-4 different specifications will be demonstrated (so far, only 2 or 3 other TCs have been in negotation with her).

5. Timing
We should deliver our first draft scenario description to Dee ASAP so that she can cover it in the remaining negotiations with IDEAlliance.

Personally, I believe that we should plan for early next week to finalize a first scenario description.

Work team members: so far, nobody has declined the proposed conference call time on Thursday, August 28, 5:30 pm CET (8:30 am Pacific, 11:30 East Coast). Can I proceed and schedule a call?


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