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Subject: Considerations for editorial and typos CR050

Please consider the following comments for inclusion in CR050 (the typos and editorial Change Request)

keyName has a minLength of 1 in the v3 schema, but in the spec in the add/set_publisherAssertions sections, it says " Empty (zero length) keyNames and keyValues are permitted."

Section 10.3.1, elements where maximum length has increased in v3: It is not clear what the behaviour of a v2 get should return when the entity being got contains things longer than the maximum length specified by the v2 spec.  Section 10.2.8 suggests ignoring the length restriction in v2, but is not explicit.

3) Section 10.3.1, empty containers, refers to: <businessEntity> in <save_business> <tModel> in <save_tModel> These are required by all v1, v2 and v3, so should not be listed in this section

Spec chapter 11, many of the " characters in the XML are not actually " characters but Word's fancy quotes.  This is only really a problem if you copy and paste the XML structures out, but it would be nice to get it fixed

Spec 10.3.1 (or 10.4.1 in CR057) says that in a v2 publish request, any empty containers that are not allowed in v3 must be removed.  In the case of an empty tModelInstanceDetails, this is required by the v2 schema and hence must be serialized in a v2 response.  This should not be listed in this section

"9.5.9 Node Sort Order Policy
Each node MUST specify the default sort order which it supports. A node MAY specify support for optional additional sort orders. All sort orders are specified via use of sortOrder tModels."   This should be "collation sequence" everywhere that "sort order" is written in this section.


Andrew Hately
IBM Software Group, Emerging Technologies
email: hately@us.ibm.com
phone: (512) 838-2866

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