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Subject: Groups - Action Item Modified: #0040 Additions to CR050 - Typos

OASIS UDDI Specification TC member,

Luc Clement (luc.clement@systinet.com) has modified this action item.

Number: #0040
Description: Additions to CR050 - Typos
Owner: Tony Rogers (Tony.Rogers@ca.com)
Status: Open
Due: 18 Jul 2004

Luc Clement  2004-07-05 19:45 GMT
Update CR050 with the following additions accepted at the June FTF:
Andrew has submitted a number of small items for inclusion in the typos CR.

keyValue has a minLength of 1 in the v3 schema, but in the spec in the add/set_publisherAssertions sections, it says " Empty (zero length) keyNames and keyValues are permitted."  - change last sentence of and to remove “and keyValues”. Added to CR50.

Section 10.3.1, elements where maximum length has increased in v3: It is not clear what the behaviour of a v2 get should be when the entity being got contains things longer than the maximum length specified by the v2 spec.  Section 10.2.8 suggests ignoring the length restriction in v2, but is not explicit. The text should be changed from “it is permissible for the node to return” to “The node MAY return”. Added to CR50. 

3) Section 10.3.1, empty containers, refers to:  in   in  - these are wrong. These are required by all v1, v2 and v3, so should not be listed in this section – added to CR50.

Spec chapter 11, many of the " characters in the XML are not actually " characters but Word's fancy quotes.  This is only really a problem if you copy and paste the XML structures out, but it would be nice to get it fixed – added to CR50.

"9.5.9 Node Sort Order Policy 
Each node MUST specify the default sort order which it supports. A node MAY specify support for optional additional sort orders. All sort orders are specified via use of sortOrder tModels."   This should be "collation sequence" everywhere that "sort order" is written in this section. Added to CR50.

Luc Clement  2004-07-05 22:07 GMT
Reassigned to Tony Rogres

Luc Clement  2004-07-05 22:22 GMT
Assigned to Tony Rogers

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