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Subject: Groups - New Action Item #0056 v.Next: Taxonomy Management API

OASIS UDDI Specification TC member,

Luc Clement (luc.clement@systinet.com) has created a new action item.

Number: #0056
Description: v.Next: Taxonomy Management API
Owner: John Colgrave (colgrave@hursley.ibm.com)
Due: 10 Aug 2004

Luc Clement  2004-07-05 22:58 GMT
We have a requirement for a management API, but no proposal as yet. There was considerable discussion of what we need, but not a detailed conclusion. The APIs we need are:
•	Put / get an entire taxonomy (in OWL-UDDI format)
•	Get part of a taxonomy
•	Navigate taxonomy

Andrew suggested using an out-of-band tool, run by a registry administrator, to load a taxonomy from the interchange format. He advocated that a bare minimum of support is providing the ability to do an HTTP GET of the taxonomy file – using an overview doc URL with a special useType that indicates that this is the taxonomy definition in the interchange format. This proposition was not completely accepted.

We are agreed that we want the ability to import and export a taxonomy, using the format defined in John’s proposal.

Is this functionality provided out-of-band, or in-band? Strong suggestion that we want an in-band mechanism to upload a taxonomy to some “taxonomy server”. We definitely require an in-band mechanism to download a taxonomy. Depending on the owner of the taxonomy, there are questions about which of these mechanisms will be implemented, but it would be valuable to define these mechanisms. Andrew suggested that we must provide “get if modified since DATE” – allow users to get updates, so they know if there have been changes since they last fetched it – there is obvious value to this functionality.

The navigation API (and the partial upload / download functionality) is less well-defined. We would prefer to use an API defined by another group, but it does not look like we will find this. Alternatively, we’d be happy to define such an API, but we’d prefer it to be owned by another group. 

AR: John to create a proposal for the management API.

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