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Subject: Re: [uddi-spec] Groups - New Action Item #0046 Submit CR-070

I believe CR70 is largely editorial based on the existing secion 10.2.2:

10.2.2 keyedReference data
With Version 3, tModelKey elements MUST be specified for a keyedReference structure contained within an Inquiry API requests. Requests to the Version 3 namespace containing keyedReference structures without tModelKey elements will fail schema validation and be rejected.

The first sentence of 10.2.2 should be clarified by removing an unnecessary qualification, tModelKey elements must always be specified in keyedReference elements in V3, so remove "contained within an Inquiry API requests".

A clarification should also be added to the end:  "Requests in the version 2 namespace with empty or absent tModelKey elements MAY be processed by a multi-version node as a reference to the general_keyWords tModel.  As this node behavior was optional in version 2, It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that all UDDI version 2 clients provide tModelKey attribute in keyedReference elements."

If desired, I can put this in the form of the full CR template.

Andrew Hately
IBM Software Group, Emerging Technologies
email: hately@us.ibm.com
phone: (512) 838-2866


07/05/2004 05:16 PM

[uddi-spec] Groups - New Action Item #0046 Submit CR-070

OASIS UDDI Specification TC member,

Luc Clement (luc.clement@systinet.com) has created a new action item.

Number: #0046
Description: Submit CR-070
Owner: Andrew Hately (hately@us.ibm.com)
Due: 18 Jul 2004

Luc Clement  2004-07-05 22:16 GMT
CR-070                                  Might clarify in chapter 10 that V2 behavior where defaulting empty tModelKey is allowed to map to general keywords tModelKey                 Andrew Hately                                  V3                                                                                     v3.0.2

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