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Subject: RE: Question on use of colons in v3 key names



Thanks for your feedback. Note that KSS = “Key Specific String”.   It seems to me that colons in the kss SHOULD be illegal from a semantic and consistency perspective but it COULD be technically possible because of the way key partitions work (I’m supposed to be the expert now…!? J  ).  The UDDI node knows which part of the string is the key partition and which part is the kss because of the declaration of a keyGenerator tModel.  So “IN THEORY” I could define a key generator as:




Then create a tModel like:




And then, even though there is a colon in the ‘marketing:niftyService” KSS, the UDDI node knows that it is in the KSS and not part of a new partition because the original declaration of the uddi:widgetCo-com:keyGenerator tModel.  WidgetCo could, IN THEORY, then go on to define a new key partition as:




And then define new tModel is that key generator domain such as :




So now we have a tModel key with three colons but only two of which represent key partitions.  Technically feasible but pretty confusing and pretty bad practice I’d say.


So I guess what I am saying is that the permission or not of colons in the kss is more of a policy issue than a technical issue because an implementer could manage it without breaking the model.  Is it safe to assume that the TC position is that colons are NOT allowed in the KSS?   If so then we need to review all Technical notes for the definition of v3 keys that use colons where they shouldn’t (like the ebxml TN).


Comments from the TC welcome…




Steve Capell

Red Wahoo Pty Ltd

+61 410 437854


From: Rogers, Tony [mailto:Tony.Rogers@ca.com]
Sent: Wednesday, 1 September 2004 7:39 PM
To: Steve Capell
Subject: RE: Question on use of colons in v3 key names


I'd say that you have spotted an error.


I'm fairly certain that colons are not permitted in the trailing portion. Indeed, I believe there was a comment on this very subject on the list in August (late August, I think). The trailing portion is referred to as KSS (I'm sorry, the definition of that escapes my tired brain at the moment) - you might want to have a quick look for it.



-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Capell [mailto:steve.capell@redwahoo.com]
Sent: Wed 01-Sep-04 18:08
To: Rogers, Tony
Subject: Question on use of colons in v3 key names



I have a quick question…


The colon character is used to define the partitions in a v3 key name.   Therefore it is poor practice to use colons in the key specific string.  However the question is – is it illegal?   If so then there are some problems with the uddi-ebxml technical note where, for example, the tModel representing the bpss specification is:


tModel Name: untmg-org:BusinessProcessSpecificationSchema:v1_10

tModel Description: UN/CEFACT - ebXML Business Process Specification Schema


tModel UDDI Key (V3): uddi:untmg.org:businessprocessspecificationschema:v1.10

Derived V1, V2 format Key: uuid:1a2a88af-54f8-316c-aaf1-e1fc2ef1c0e9

Categorization: specification


Note the colon separating the version in the v3 key name.  It is unlikely that the designer intended this colon to represent a key partition.




Steve Capell

Red Wahoo Pty Ltd

+61 410 437854


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