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Subject: FW: UDDI White Papers

Title: FW: UDDI White Papers
Please find below the latest version of the Executive White Paper and presentation. Pleaes provide comments to Brent Sleeper, cc: Mike DeNicola (mwdn@us.fujitsu.com) and the TC list.
Luc Clément                      
Tel: +1.617.395.6798

From: Michael De Nicola [mailto:MWDN@us.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 10:44
To: uddi-sc@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Luc Clement (E-mail); Karl F. Best (E-mail); 'Ian.Bruce@Systinet.com'; 'Tony.Rogers@ca.com'; Brent Sleeper (E-mail)
Subject: FW: UDDI White Papers

Here are unzipped versions of the UDDI Executive White Paper and Executive Presentation.

I would appreciate it if you would please forward comments directly to Brent Sleeper (bsleeper@stencilgroup.com, copying me, by the close of business this Friday, September 3. It is my hope we can approve the final materials at our Steering Committee teleconference on September 10.

The call-in information for the UDDI Steering Committee conference call is:
Friday, September 10, 2004
9:30am - 11:30am PT
Call-in number: +1-512-225-3050
Guest Code: 385218

Mike DeNicola
Acting Chair
UDDI Steering Committee

-----Original Message-----
From: Brent Sleeper [mailto:bsleeper@stencilgroup.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 10:14 AM
To: Michael De Nicola
Subject: Fwd: UDDI White Papers


Here's another try, this time without zipping the attachments.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Brent Sleeper <bsleeper@stencilgroup.com>
> Date: August 31, 2004 7:06:20 PM PDT
> To: 'Michael De Nicola' <MWDN@us.fujitsu.com>
> Cc: 'Luc Clement' <Luc.Clement@systinet.com>, 'George Zagelow
> ((E-mail))' <zagelow@us.ibm.com>, Ian Bruce <Ian.Bruce@Systinet.com>,
> 'Karl F. Best ((E-mail))' <karl.best@oasis-open.org>, Tony' 'Rogers
> <Tony.Rogers@ca.com>
> Subject: Re: UDDI White Papers
> Hello everyone,
> Attached is a Zip file with several documents enclosed therein:
> * A revised draft of the UDDI Executive White Paper in PDF and RTF
> formats. This update incorporates the suggestions I received from
> several reviewers last week.
> * A first draft of a companion slide presentation in PDF and
> PowerPoint formats. This is quite preliminary (and text heavy), but I
> hope it will garner some reactions on the scope and detail of content.
> As we discussed in email last week, we are awaiting comments from
> Technical Committee members on the earlier draft of the technical
> white paper before embarking on edits to that piece. I expect it will
> take no more than a work week from Sept. 3 to do so.
> I look forward to the committee's questions and comments.
> Best regards,
> Brent Sleeper
> _________________________________________
> M. Brent Sleeper
> Principal, The Stencil Group
> bsleeper@stencilgroup.com
> (415) 710-6995
> http://www.stencilgroup.com/

Executive Presentation (Draft 1).ppt

Executive Presentation (Draft 1).pdf

Executive White Paper (Draft 2).pdf

Executive White Paper (Draft 2).rtf

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