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uddi-spec message

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Subject: Searching for product information

I'm preparing to write a research report on UDDI and Web services registries
(finally!). The report will be distributed to subscribers of the Burton
Group Application Platform Strategies service (mostly Fortune 500 and Global
1000 companies). (I'm the research director for this service.)

My clients have shown a significant increase in interest in UDDI over the
last 6 months. Every time I give a presentation on Web services, I plan one
or two slides on UDDI, expecting to talk about it for 3-5 minutes, but the
audience invariably asks lots of questions, and we typically spend 20+
minutes on the topic.

This report will examine what purpose Web services registries play in SOA
and Web services infrastructure. It will also examine the various products
available in the market -- registry implementations (of course) and other
products that use/rely on/interface with registries, including development
tools, testing tools, discovery tools, provisioning tools, management tools,
governance tools, portals, etc.

If you would like me include information on your product(s), please contact
me off-list, and (preferably) use my Burton Group email account,


Anne Thomas Manes
VP & Research Director
Burton Group

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