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Subject: FW: FW: FW: Location of UDDI V3 WSDL and Schemas

John noticed that we forgot to copy the WSDL files to the http://uddi.org/schema/ directory in addition to the http://uddi.org/wsdl/ directory. Some will remember that we did this to deal with difficulties that tooling was having resolving schemas.


We’re proposing to update the http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/uddi-spec/doc/tcspecs.htm#uddiv3 page (see attached) with text and links that communicates where WSDLs can be obtained. Please review and we can discuss on Tuesday if we agree with this change.


Luc Clément
Senior Program Manager, Systinet

Tel: +1.781.362.1330


From: Luc Clement [mailto:luc.clement@systinet.com]
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 14:06
To: 'John Colgrave'
Subject: RE: FW: FW: Location of UDDI V3 WSDL and Schemas


See the updates – I link all wsdls to the schema directory but note that they can also be obtained in the wsdl directory.


Comments – if you agree – I’ll put on the agenda for next week


From: John Colgrave [mailto:colgrave@uk.ibm.com]
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 16:32
To: Luc Clement
Subject: Re: FW: FW: Location of UDDI V3 WSDL and Schemas


Thanks Luc, that seems fine. We just need to decide how to tell people that they are there.


John Colgrave

"Luc Clement" <luc.clement@systinet.com>

15/04/2005 20:25


John Colgrave/UK/IBM@IBMGB




FW: FW: Location of UDDI V3 WSDL and Schemas




Here you go

-----Original Message-----
From: Sharon Nuccio [mailto:sharon.nuccio@oasis-open.org]
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 15:16
To: Luc Clement
Subject: Re: FW: Location of UDDI V3 WSDL and Schemas


I copied all of the content and here is the file tree, please make sure
I'm not missing something.



>>*From:* John Colgrave [mailto:colgrave@uk.ibm.com]
>>*Sent:* Friday, April 15, 2005 05:34
>>*To:* luc.clement@systinet.com
>>*Cc:* Rogers, Tony
>>*Subject:* Location of UDDI V3 WSDL and Schemas
>>There still seems to be something wrong with the locations of the V3
>>WSDL and schemas. I tried to point a development tool at the V3 WSDL the
>>other day and it failed to find the schemas. This is because the WSDL is
>>in a "wsdl" directory and the schemas are in a "schema" directory. We
>>discussed this several times when we switched back to using relative
>>URLs in the imports and I think you said at the time that the WSDL would
>>be in both directories, but I can't find the WSDL in the schema
>>directory. Even if it were in both places nobody would know to look in
>>the schema directory for the WSDL as the specifications page links to
>>the wsdl directory. I think we should introduce a new xml directory and
>>put all the schemas and WSDL in there, and redirect the existing links.
>>John Colgrave

Title: OASIS - Committees - OASIS UDDI Specifications TC

To UDDI Spec TC page
 OASIS UDDI Specifications TC - Committee Specifications

The current list of UDDI Spec TC Committee Specifications include:

The UDDI Version 2 Specifications, UDDI Version 3 Specification and the Schema Centric XML Canonicalization Specification represent contributed material. Notes and Disclaimers are provided on each of these specification documents.


UDDI Version 2 Specifications

The UDDI Version 2 set of specifications consist of the following documents. UDDI Version 2 is an OASIS Standard.

  • UDDI Version 2 API Specification. This document describes the programming interface that is exposed by all instances of the Universal Description, Discovery & Integration (UDDI) registry.

UDDI Version 2.04 API, Published Specification, Dated 19 July 2002: HTMLPDF (492 KB)

  • UDDI Version 2 Data Structure. This document outlines the details of each of the XML structures associated with these messages. The UDDI Programmers API Specification defines approximately 30 SOAP messages that are used to perform inquiry and publishing functions against any UDDI compliant service registry. Also see the UDDI XML schema, below.

UDDI Version 2.03, Data Structure Reference, Published Specification, Dated 19 July 2002: HTML / PDF (349 KB)

  • UDDI Version 2 XML Schema. Readers should consult the UDDI Data Structure Reference (preceding) before reading this document.

Version 2.0 UDDI XML Schema 2001: uddi_v2.xsd

  • UDDI Version 2 Replication Specification. This document describes the data replication process and programmatic interface required to achieve complete data replication between UDDI Operators.

UDDI Version 2.03, Replication Specification, Published Specification, Dated 19 July 2002: HTML / PDF (251 KB)

  • UDDI Version 2 XML Replication Schema

Version 2.03 Replication XML Schema 2001: uddi_v2replication.xsd

  • UDDI Version 2 XML Custody Schema

UDDI XML Custody Schema: uddi_v2custody.xsd

  • UDDI Version 2 Operator's Specification. This document describes the behavior and operational parameters required of the UDDI Node Operators.

UDDI Version 2.01, Operator's Specification, Published Specification, Dated 19 July 2002: HTML / PDF (205 KB)

  • UDDI Version 2 WSDL Service Interface Descriptions.  The WSDL service interface description for a UDDI registry is defined in two WSDL documents. One document contains the UDDI inquiry interface description, and the other document contains the UDDI publish interface description. Both of these service interface descriptions are based the UDDI V2 specification. They also adhere to the WSDL service interface definition described in the Using WSDL in a UDDI Registry, version 1.08 document.

  • UDDI Version 2 tModels:


UDDI Version 3 Specification

UDDI Version 3.0, an OASIS Standard, builds on the vision of UDDI: a "meta service" for locating web services by enabling robust queries against rich metadata. Expanding on the foundation of versions 1 and 2, version 3 offers the industry a specification for building flexible, interoperable XML Web services registries useful in private as well as public deployments.


The UDDI Version 3 Specification consists of the following documents.

  • UDDI Version 3.0.2 is an OASIS Standard. This represents the second errata to the UDDI v3 specification.

    UDDI Version 3.0.2, UDDI Spec Technical Committee Draft, Dated 20041019: HTML / PDF

  • UDDI Version 3.0.2 XML Schema. UDDI uses the XML Schema Language to formally describe its data structures. UDDI Version 3.0.2 XML Schema is provided by these files:

Also included in the http://uddi.org/schema/ directory are the UDDI v3.0.2 WSDL documents.

  • UDDI Version 3.0.2 WSDL Service Interface Descriptions. The complete set of UDDI Version 3.0.2 WSDL definitions is provided by these files (See note below):

Note: For backwards compatibility each of these WSDL documents are also available in the http://uddi.org/wsdl/ directory.



Schema Centric XML Canonicalization Specification

Existing XML Canonicalization algorithms such as Canonical XML and Exclusive XML Canonicalization suffer from several limitations and design artifacts (enumerated herein) which significantly limit their utility in many XML applications, particularly those which validate and process XML data according to the rules of and flexibilities afforded by XML Schema. The Schema Centric Canonicalization algorithm addresses these concerns.

Schema Centric XML Canonicalization, Version 1.0, Published: HTML (140 KB)




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