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uddi-spec message

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Subject: UDDI in DNS-SD



To add your protocol to this list, send email to: srvtypes at dns-sd.org 
    * Short name of protocol, fourteen characters maximum, conforming to 
normal DNS host name rules: Only lower-case letters, digits, and hyphens; 
must begin and end with lower-case letter or digit.
    * Longer, descriptive name of protocol.
    * Name and email address of responsible person.
    * URL giving description of protocol. (Or statement that the protocol 
is proprietary.)
    * Primary Transport Protocol. ("_udp" or "_tcp", only needed for 
historical reasons, to determine correct SRV service type)
    * List of defined TXT record keys (see 
Section 6) for this service or URL reference to document describing defined 

Please reserve the following for future integration of DNS-SD and UDDI, for 
example, to use DNS-SD to bootstrap to a UDDI server.

Short names:  uddi, uddi-inq, uddi-pub, uddi-sub, uddi-sec

Longer names:
Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
Inquiry, Publishing, Subscription, Security

Reponsible for this submission:  Paul Denning mailto:pauld@mitre.org

URL for protocol:

Primary transport:  _tcp

TXT records: (to be determined) 

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