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Subject: RE: [uddi-spec] Next meeting moved from 4 April to 11 April

HI Tony, all –


I will be able to attend the April 11 call, but will have to join 15-30 minutes late, due to a conflict.


The proposed time shift is acceptable to me.





Jason Garbis

Senior Product Manager

Systinet - a Mercury Division


p: +1.781.362.1332

m: +1.781.710.8950

e: jgarbis@mercury.com

AIM: JGarbis

skype: jason.garbis

From: Rogers, Tony [mailto:Tony.Rogers@ca.com]
Sent: Monday, April 03, 2006 1:38 AM
To: uddi-spec@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [uddi-spec] Next meeting moved from 4 April to 11 April


I've had two requests to move the next UDDI TC call from the 4th of April to the 11th, so we'll do that. If that clashes horribly with someone's schedule, please email me or the list (or both). The official reminder and agenda will come in due course.


Also, we've reached that time of the year when daylight savings time changes - going ON for some of the Northern Hemisphere, such as the US and UK, and OFF for some of the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia and New Zealand. Some standards organisations, such as W3C, ignore the Southern Hemisphere, and pin their times to the US. As a more enlightened group, I propose a little "sharing of the pain" - I propose we shift the time by half an hour in the Northern Hemisphere, and one and a half hours in the South - that means that the call goes from 7:30am to 6am for me, instead of 5:30am. That does move the call to 9pm in England, and 10pm in Germany - is that OK?


Tony Rogers

CA, Inc

Senior Architect, Development

co-chair UDDI TC at OASIS

co-chair WS-Desc WG at W3C

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