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Subject: OASIS UDDI Telecon Minutes - 20061101

Title: UDDI telephone conference call
Find below the minutes of our 1 Nov 2006 Telecon.

-- Luc

Luc Clément | Director, Product Management | Systinet, a Mercury Division |
Co-Chair, OASIS UDDI Technical Committee
One van de Graaff Drive Burlington, MA 01803
Phone +1 781.362.1330 | Mobile +1 978.793.2162 | Fax +1 781.362.1400 |

UDDI telephone conference call


Date:               31 October 2006 / 1 November 2007

Present:           Luc Clement, Jason Garbis, Andrew Hately, Tony Rogers, Paul Denning (guest)


Time moved to retain UTC time, so an hour earlier for US / Europe.


Discussing the Key Partitions TN

  • Question over the date component of the name – it has been corrected.
  • “well-known” taxonomies should have the same tModelKey on every registry? There is some provision for this on uddi.org, based on a web page for registering tModels and value sets for sharing, but it is informal – it is impossible to enforce. There can be serious problems for sharing / merging of UDDI data when multiple registries use different tModelKeys for the same taxonomy. This is exacerbated when a taxonomy changes over time – there is the question of how different registries will keep their versions of the taxonomy up-to-date. We should clarify the TN to:
    • Recommend using the same tModelKey for a given taxonomy across multiple UDDI registries
    • Urge careful management of taxonomy changes across multiple registries
    • Describe the kind of problems that can arise if tModelKeys are not carefully managed (use some of Paul Denning’s text for this)
  • ACTION: UDDI TC to consider selecting a key for GLN (or its successor) and recording it on uddi.org
  • The problem of semantically equivalent taxonomies, and techniques to record correlations between the values of equivalent taxonomies. This is a real and valid problem, but perhaps outside the scope of this TN – it might well be worthwhile to consider writing a TN discussing the problem, and the fact that there is no perfect solution to this problem
  • The question of how to locate a UDDI registry service in a UDDI registry? Note that the Node entry is appropriate for locating a registry in itself, but not in another registry. Also, how does one identify which nodes are part of a single registry – each node could appear to be an independent registry, with no clear relationship between them. Perhaps the best idea would be to write a small TN describing how to register a registry in a registry, and how to link the nodes in a multi-node registry.


ACTION: Luc to update TN along these lines.


Meeting adjourned 8:42am AEST


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