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Subject: Promoting UDDI (and XML.org) at OASIS Symposium

OASIS UDDI TC members:

As you may be aware, the OASIS Symposium, our largest annual meeting, will be
held in San Diego, April 15-18. The overall theme of the main program is
"eBusiness and Open Standards: Understanding the Fact, Fiction, and Future." In
addition to the main, two-day program (which will have business and technical
tracks), there will be a day of tutorials and three days for TC meetings and
other activities.


I think the Symposium would be a great opportunity to promote UDDI and the
XML.org site. It seems like a long way off, but now is the time to start making
plans so we can reserve the necessary meeting space and have time to promote
our activities. A few things TC members may want to consider:

1. submit abstracts on UDDI for the main program; the deadline is 15 December.
If a UDDI presentation is accepted, 
we could highlight an excerpt from it on the UDDI XML.org homepage before the
event to build some buzz and encourage attendance.

2. offer a half- or full-day tutorial before the main program.

3. schedule a TC meeting following the Symposium

4. host a UDDI BoF during the Symposium (a special table or separate area
during lunch or an evening session)

5. reserve a special area for table top displays from UDDI companies

6. offer a short UDDI webinar before the event to encourage attendance

7. TC members could wear UDDI XML.org shirts or UDDI OASIS Standard shirts at
the event

Other ideas?


Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
+1.978.667.5115 x209 

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