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Subject: Re: [uima] Groups - UIMA TC Meeting Minutes of Feb 29, 2008(minutes20080229.txt) uploaded

Hi all,

My apologies for not being available much lately for these calls.  I'm about
to change jobs and have been busy with wrapping things up here.  Also my
Friday "off" got switched and now the calls actually fall on my day "off"
which normally wouldn't be a big deal but with the craziness of an upcoming
move even my days "off" are quite scheduled.

Anyway, I have started reviewing the Specification Draft and will post
comments (mostly typos so far) early next week.  I've just started on 4.3,
the Base Type System, which I see in the minutes I've been asked to flesh
out (where the "TODO"s are, I suppose).  I'll do my best to convert the
slides to prose that reflects our discussions and will count on you all to
review its accuracy, because I did miss out on some of the discussions.

In any case, you'll hear more from me next week.  This is just to let you
know that I'm paying attention....


On 2/29/08 1:31 PM, "alally@us.ibm.com" <alally@us.ibm.com> wrote:

> The document named UIMA TC Meeting Minutes of Feb 29,
> 2008
(minutes20080229.txt) has been submitted by Mr. Adam Lally to the
Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) TC
> document

Document Description:

View Document
> Details:
> nt_id=27436

Download Document:
> 0080229.txt

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-OASIS Open Administration

Karin Verspoor, Computational Linguist
Knowledge and Information Systems Science team
Computer, Computation & Statistics division
email: verspoor@lanl.gov   Mail: Los Alamos National Laboratory
phone: 505-667-5086              PO Box 1663, MS B256
fax:   505-667-1126              Los Alamos, NM 87545

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