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Subject: UIMA TC Telecon Reminder: March 14 2008

Hi all,

We are on for tomorrow.

Adam has put our specification document in the OASIS required template. Attached below and upload to our site.

Other than any questions or comments you may have on recent drafts, we will bring your attention to section 3.4.7 --  the Formal Specification for the Abstract Interfaces.  

Based on our last discussion around formalizing some notion for compliance to the Abstract Interfaces,  Adam  attempted  to specify what it means for an implementation to conform at this level.  

As discussed,  this is a balancing act since we want to keep the abstract interfaces independent of any specific binding, but at the same time constrain all implementations to implement the operations we would expect on any given UIMA-compliant interface.  So for example, we want to say that a service MUST  implement a "getMetadata" operation, but we don't want to specify that it has to respond to this with the XML text representation of the metadata.  That wouldn't allow for a more efficient binary representation (like Apache UIMA's Vinci protocol), or a direct Java binding.  

This draft tries to walk this line - while for an arbitrary implementation the getMetaData call is not required to return the standard XML representation, it must be possible to transform the result of that call to the standard XML representation.  The service provider must document how that transformation is done.  (An open  question for the TC: we could go one step further and require the service provider to provide a software component that performs the transformation?)

Note,  that while this may sound weaker than what we have put forth for the WSDL/SOAP binding, the overall spec said little about how other sorts of implementations would have to comply to the definition of the abstract interfaces. So this is an attempt to make the overall spec stronger.

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David A. Ferrucci, PhD
Senior Manager, Semantic Analysis & Integration
Chief Architect,  UIMA
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
19 Skyline Drive, Hawthorne, NY 10532
Tel: 914-784-7847, 8/863-7847


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