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Subject: Compliance

We had a discussion during the last TC conf call about what will mean
UIMA compliance and what should be enforced if any. 

I had a quick look to different OASIS standard and get different methods
related to compliance, from very strict to relaxed ones. 

Test suites:

A first way to provide some compliance level is to provide test suites,
like Java does. See by example the OGC page dedicated to this method 
A test suite can be a validation (must pass the test) or produce a level
of compliance with some mandatory tests and others optional, providing a
compliance score. 
Test suites are organized by domain in large projects

In UIMA context (example)
A test suite will contain an annotator to be deployed (and wrapped if
needed if the framework use a different communication protocol), a set
of documents, and the expected results. 
Different suites can test different parts of the specification. 
We may dedicate some test suites form samples and examples from the
Apache delivery. 

Reference implementation: 

On the same page from OGC you can see a second method which is to
provide a reference implementation. Not exactly a measure of compliance
but guidance and a reference.

In UIMA context (example)
We may issue a recommendation that it is expected that a future version
of Apache UIMA will be compliant with the specification  

Formal Grammar/description:

This is more for document format and eventually exchanges through XML
Test Application: 

An available application is capable to test several functions of an

In general, We can imagine compliance at different levels in UIMA.
Probably the most important is to be able to deploy annotators, sources
and consumers without too much pain. This is booth a need for people who
want to develop one of these components and for people who want to
develop a framework to manage them. It will be interesting to have a
test suite covering these cases. 

An interesting link on compliance in general:


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