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Subject: UIMA Spec Draft Complete! Next Steps....

Hi All,

Congratulations everyone!  We now have a final draft for the UIMA Specification for text and multi-modal analytics. See attached.

The next step is for all the voting members of the UIMA TC to cast a vote for submitting THIS draft into the OASIS approval process.

I will OPEN a Ballot for the UIMA TC this Friday on the call.  Over the following 2 weeks, you will get notes from me encouraging  you to vote.

If the UIMA TC vote succeeds, then OASIS will be notified and a 60-day public review process will begin. Any comments collected during that period will be considered by the UIMA TC and modifications to the spec may be made.

Then the OASIS membership will have a 15-Day Review Period. Comments again will be considered.

Finally  a 15-day  Ballot  for the OASIS membership will open. 15% membership approval is required for OASIS to publish as a standard.

Thanks for all your participation thus far. This is the final stretch.

I will continue to inform you of our progress throughout the process.

Please join the telecon on Friday. We will review the process briefly and open the Ballot.


David A. Ferrucci, PhD
Senior Manager, Semantic Analysis & Integration
Chief Architect,  UIMA
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
19 Skyline Drive, Hawthorne, NY 10532
Tel: 914-784-7847, 8/863-7847


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