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Subject: [uiml] uiml minutes for Dec 16

Nice to meet everyone this morning. Please see attached. Hedy
Title: Untitled Document


User Interface Markup Language (UIML)

Technical Committee (TC)



Meeting Date

December 16, 2002

Meeting Time

11:00 EST


Conference name: OASIS UIML TC
Conference toll-free phone number: 1-800-884-7689
Passcode number: 251456
Moderator name: Marc Abrams


1 Hour


Marc Abrams

Recording Secretary

Hedy Alban


As published [1]





Marc Abrams

Virginia Tech


Didier Courtaud

Univ. Evry


Gaelle Feat

Univ. Evry


Hedy Alban

Effective Analyses


Jim Helms



Sridhar Dhulipala  (Dully)     





Business In Order




Marc Abrams and Didier Couraud welcomed the attendeees of this first meeting of the OASIS UIML TC.





Members introduced themselves and described their interest in UIML.



Review of OASIS TC Process and IPR policy


Karl Best described the contents of the TC Process document and reviewed the qualifications for membership in a TC. He also pointed out that the TC’s website manager could update the web pages either directly or through the OASIS webmaster, according to preference. Karl indicated that the charter and all of its parts need not be voted upon by the committee, since by joining the committee the participants automatically agree to the charter. However, modifications to the charter require discussion and vote.


Review and discussion of UIML TC Charter.
( See http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/uiml/charter.shtml for
     the charter )


The primary goal of the UIML TC is to create a specification language with the following characteristics:

         The language should be XML-based, canonical (that is, using universal syntax), and independent of any interface metaphor.

         UIML should subsume the expressive power of concrete languages such as C++, Xforms, etc.

         UIML should facilitate interoperability among compliant UI generators and models.


The secondary goals of the UIML TC are as follows:

         Use UIML to bridge multiple UI-related fields such as UI modelling and designing, code generators, generalization of the Model-View-Controller, and new UI metaphors.

         Allow UI designers to think in terms of the familiar and customary abstractions, though they may differ from industry to industry

         Build a relationship with existing activities such as relevant W3C working groups, Mozilla, OASIS HumanMarkup TC, etc.


         Integrate with web services


Deliverables are listed in the charter.


Additional Discussion:  The TC discussed adding personalization as a focus for the committee. As a first effort, investigate the efforts of other standardization committees in the area of personalization.


Action:  Dully accepted the responsibility for leading the effort in the area of personalization. As issues arise in this area, they will be directed to Dully. No change to the charter will be made at this time.



Vote on standing rule for TC to allow votes to take place by email.


Motion:  The TC should be able to conduct votes via e-mail. When we conduct an e-mail vote, we would specify a deadline for submitting votes. Votes obtained after the deadline will not be submitted. 


Action: Marc will contact Karl Best to determine if  there is a quorum issue. If necessary, we may modify the wording to comply with OASIS rules and vote on the motion next time.



 Request for volunteers



Jim accepted the role of editor for the committee

Hedy accepted the role of secretary

Dully accepted the role of webmaster

Hedy will consider taking on the role of liaison with other web services and OASIS working groups



Discussion on acceptance of UIML3 specification or any other work as "contributed work" to the TC.
   - See www.uiml.org/specs/uiml3/DraftSpec.htm for specification
   - See www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.shtml#contributed_work
     for information on the role of contributed works to a TC.


Motion: The committee agreed, without dissent, to accept the UIML3 specification as “contributed work” to the TC.  


Action: The document will be appropriately posted on the website.


Upcoming Events and Meetings


Face-to-Face (F2F)

We are planning to coordinate the first F2F with an Aristotle conference. At that conference, the UIML TC should be able to demonstrate that our language is sufficiently mature to be standardized and introduced into the enterprise. This conference will take place in Paris in spring or summer 2003.


Initial project

Assessment of how UIML works with other working groups. We have developed some initial documents comparing UIML to several initiatives from W3C. Each member could contribute some text. Timeframe: 90 days.

         Jim can dig out the material on XHTML and Xforms that was distirbuted to our old discussion list and e-mail them for use in the current discussions. Perhaps we will post them on the website as well, at a later date.

         Hedy can develop some material on how UIML compares with other efforts in OASIS


Ongoing TC Teleconferences

The TC will meet once a month, on the third Monday of each month, at 10am Eastern Time.



Motion to Adjourn


The meeting adjourned at 12:10pm to reconvene Jan 20 at 10am Eastern Time.





[1] published agenda URL

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