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Subject: [uiml] Postponing next OASIS UIML TC meeting due to surgery

I apologize for this late notice to postpone our next OASIS UIML TC meeting.  
My wife will be in the hospital undergoing major surgery on Monday, 1/20/2003, 
at the time of our planned conference call.

I propose that we postpone the call until the following Monday, 1/27/2003, at 
the same time (10 a.m. EST).  Is this time OK with everyone else?

During the next meeting, I propose the following agenda:

1. [30 minutes] Overview of the UIML3 specification at uiml.org.  I will send 
some powerpoint slides which we would go over for this overview.  This would 
help ensure that everyone is familiar with the key ideas behind the UIML3 

2. [30 minutes] Discussion of the document sent on 12/16/2003 by Jim comparing 
UIML to other technologies and the Candidates Liaison Spreadsheet sent on 
1/28/2002 by Hedy.  The purpose of the discussion is for each person to choose 
one related technology, and to work until the February meeting to write a 
short summary of how UIML is related to that technology.  This would help us 
complete the first deliverable in the OASIS UIML TC charter of a document 
assessing the relationship of UIML to other technologies.

Please respond if you have suggestions for the agenda!

Again, my apologies for the short notice on postponement.


Marc Abrams
Adjunct Professor, Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Co-founder, Harmonia Inc.


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