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Subject: UIML Comparison Document

The UIML Technical Committee has been working on a document that compares UIML to existing standards and technologies for UI development.  The document tries to demonstrate how UIML would compliment/interact with these other efforts.  The first version of the document is attached to this message.  I would like to open up a review of this document by all the members of this list to get your feedback and inputs.  Please take a few moments to look over the document.  The document takes a broad based look at many of the standards so any additional expertise will be greatly appreciated. 
Even though this version will eventually be posted to the website, it is still a living document.  As such, some of the content may be a little rough and some efforts are still pending investigation.  If you would like to contribute by investigating one of the efforts not yet examined, please feel free!  I will be happy to incorporate your comments in the overall document.
I would ask that all inputs and feedback are returned to me by July 14th, so that I may have sufficient time to incorporate them into the document and post it to the website by the July 21 TC meeting.
Thank you for your participation!
James Helms
Director of Services
Harmonia, Inc
Phone: (540)  951-5900 ext 6

The Relationship of the UIML 3 v01.01.doc

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