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Subject: Conference Change Notification

The following changes have been made to our conference:

Conference Start:

       Monday, February 23, 2004   12:00 PM Eastern Time
       Monday, February 23, 2004    11:00 AM Central Time
       Monday, February 23, 2004    10:00 AM Mountain Time
       Monday, February 23, 2004    9:00 AM Pacific Time

Length of conference: 1 Hour 0 Minutes

Conference name:		OASIS UIML TC meeting - COR
Moderator name:		Marc Abrams

Toll/international phone number:			1-719-457-6439
Toll-free phone number:				1-800-955-9014

Participant Passcode:				634684

Message from the Moderator: This is a correction in the meeting time.  (I
apologize for the last announcement with the incorrect time.)

This is the dialing information for the February OASIS UIML TC meeting
announced earlier this month.

Reminder of agenda:

1. Discussio

Options: Play tone upon entry, Play tone upon exit

To reach an operator at any time during your conference, PRESS *0.

The conference controls that are available to all participants are:
PRESS *1 to hear a Help menu.
PRESS *6 to mute or "un-mute" your line.
PRESS *4 to increase conference volume, if you are having trouble hearing
PRESS *7 to decrease conference volume.
PRESS *5 to increase the volume of your voice, if others are having
trouble hearing you.
PRESS *8 to decrease the volume of your voice.

This is an automated email. Please do not respond.  Service is provided by
All Conferencing.

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