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Subject: UIML: Questions for USIXML-Discussion

Hi Jean,

hopefully, I am not to late to send the questions for the next
audio-conference, but I just returned from holiday. Anyway, here
are my questions (most dealing with the transformations which
really caught my interest):

1) a) How does the abstraction from the final UI e.g. HTML to the higher
      work? Does it depend on a specific graph transformation provided?
   b) Would it be possible to use an arbitrary HTML-File, to derive a
      task structure from it? If yes, how is it done, with heuristics?
2) Personally I like the usage of graph transformations but some people in
   group where thinking it could be a bit too academic. How do you think
   designers in industrial context would adopt the specification of graph
   transformation rules, or does the tool support hide the difficult bits
   provide pre-built transformation rules for the most common
3) Why is the behaviour specification part of the transformations? I think a
   separation could allow easier integration with UIML.
4) How do you think UIML could profit from Multi-Path development and where
are the
   links to USIXML. Could UIML for example be on the abstract level and
   generated through the graph transformations from a USIXML-Task model? Or
could the
   transformations be used to improve the peers section?
5) Is the graph transformation language tied to the other USIXML parts or
could the
   transformation rules be used for general transcoding purposes e.g.
transform HTML
   to WML directly.

All the best,
   _/ Dipl. Inf. Robbie Schaefer _/ Phone: +49 5251 60-6107  _/
  _/ Visual Interactive Systems _/ Fax: +49 5251 60-6065    _/
 _/ C-LAB Fuerstenallee 11     _/                          _/
_/ D-33102 Paderborn          _/ URL: http://www.c-lab.de _/

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