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uiml message

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Subject: Your Conference Invitation

You have been invited to participate in the following conference call:

Conference Start:

       Monday, January 17, 2005    12:00 PM Eastern Time
       Monday, January 17, 2005    11:00 AM Central Time
       Monday, January 17, 2005    10:00 AM Mountain Time
       Monday, January 17, 2005    9:00 AM Pacific Time

Length of conference: 1 Hour 0 Minutes

Conference name:		OASIS UIML TC Teleconference
Moderator name:		Marc Abrams

Toll/international phone number:			1-719-955-0562
Toll-free phone number:				1-888-205-5513

Participant Passcode:				825934

Message from the Moderator: At this month's meeting of the UIML TC, we
will continue our discussion of USI-XML.  Specifically, Dr. Vanderdonckt
and Q. Limbourg will address the questions submitted by Mr. Schaefer in

Options: Play Tone upon Entry, Play Tone upon Exit

To reach an operator at any time during your conference, PRESS *0.
The conference controls that are available to all participants are:
PRESS *1 to hear a Help menu.
PRESS *6 to mute or “un-mute” your line.
PRESS *4 to increase conference volume, if you are having trouble hearing
PRESS *7 to decrease conference volume.
PRESS *5 to increase the volume of your voice, if others are having
trouble hearing you.
PRESS *8 to decrease the volume of your voice.

This is an automated email. Please do not respond.  Service is provided by
All Conferencing.

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