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Subject: Extended DISL Example

Hi all,

please find attached an extended DISL example. This is based on
the proof of concept work from the master thesis where DISL has
been developed. The functionality of this UI was to provide a
remote control for a music Player (WinAMP) that could be operated
with a mobile phone. Therefore we had a serverside application 
which was contacted through call elements.

Note that this example may be some mistakes / inconsitencies
with the DTD I have sent to you before but I didn't have enough 
time to fix all of them. Mainly the statements should consist of
two values for assignment in a fashion LVALUE = RVALUE. Instead
of correcting them I found it more important to comment the code.

Furthermore we are in the process of providing a more orthogonal
and fully commented DTD, for which we will provide a new set of 
examples showing every important property of DISL. This will be 
available however for the April-telco earliest, as I am out of
office from march 12 to april 10. 

   _/ Dipl. Inf. Robbie Schaefer _/ Phone: +49 5251 60-6107  _/
  _/ Visual Interactive Systems _/ Fax: +49 5251 60-6065    _/
 _/ C-LAB Fuerstenallee 11     _/                          _/
_/ D-33102 Paderborn          _/ URL: http://www.c-lab.de _/


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