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Subject: Template- and OO-Issues in DISL

Hi all,

as I was a bit fuzzy in my brain at our audio conference, I
send you more information by mail:

Regarding templates, DISL did not advance the template concept
from UIML very much, only that in restructure unions could select
a range within a template, making it slightly more flexible and
could be used for issue 2 in James mail. (replacing "OK", "CANCEL"
and "APPLY" by "OK" and "CANCEL"). However since restructure can
be only done as part of an action, it would be cumbersume to proceed
this way. For issue one, DISL does not have a solution.

Anyway, we have worked towards an Object Oriented solution which
may obsolete the use of templates. This goes into the same direction
as Jean suggested with inheritance.

Basically, we see the complete interface as a class and other interfaces
can inherit from these classes. This solves definatley Issue 1. Furthermore
we wanted to be flexible and to have means not to reuse every part of a
(for example in reusing the structure but modelling a completely different
behavior), so we allow both: overriding elements of the base class and
opting elements out. Which would also solve Issue 2.

Nevertheless, this requires several changes to UIML and also the
might not be trivial.

In the attached file, you find some examples in ODISL, but note
that this is just a raw internal concept and has not been implemented yet.

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  _/ Visual Interactive Systems _/ Fax: +49 5251 60-6065    _/
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