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Subject: First Working Draft of the UIML4.0 specification

Hello all,
Attached is the first working draft of the UIML 4.0 specification.  I have tried to faithfully capture everything that we have added to the Wiki.  Please take the next couple of days to look it over and make sure that everything was transitioned from the Wiki correctly.  I have sprinkled comments in places that I saw needed a little more (mostly missing images and notes for myself).  If you view the document in MS Word you will be able to see them.
I am compiling a list of items for us to do before the specification is ready for a committee vote.  I will organize this list into the schedule that Kris requested and send it out by the end of Wednesday. 

James Helms

Director of Research and Development
Harmonia, Inc.
P.O. Box 11282
Blacksburg, VA 24062

Office: (540) 951-5900 x 205
Cell: (540) 558-9722


uiml-core-4.0-draft-01-20070208 -jim rev2.doc

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