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Subject: Re: [uiml] Schedule of items to be completed before voting on the Committee Specification

Hi all,
some items to be considered:
- check if all used examples are consistent with the specification
- minor point: check that examples use english names and are not potentially offensive
  (Not everyone knows that "Sex Pistols" is a punk band ;-)
- check all elements if they require some of the new elements as children (e.g. I found out that
  <when-true>, <when-false> and <by-default> should have <variable> as child)
- Construct 4.0 DTD from the fragments of the spec
- Even better, construct schema (The <alias>-Element is a nice example where the DTD is not
- Create Metamodel from schema/DTD as Jean did with the 3.1-Version
- Add the newly introduced Elements to section 3
- Check if some other terms have to be defined in section 1.4 such as "Layout"
- Provide (Informative) References for other specs and languages e.g. CTT etc.
I have found several small points for improvement/corrections in the document. How should we proceed?
Should all the TC-members edit with "track changes" on in parallel and James tries to update the input
he gets or should we pass the document as a token sequentially?   
Best regards,
   _/ Dipl. Inf. Robbie Schaefer _/ Phone: +49 5251 60-6107  _/
  _/ Visual Interactive Systems _/ Fax: +49 5251 60-6065    _/
 _/ C-LAB Fuerstenallee 11     _/                          _/
_/ D-33102 Paderborn          _/ URL: http://www.c-lab.de _/
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Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 3:47 PM
Subject: [uiml] Schedule of items to be completed before voting on the Committee Specification

Hello all,
I have begun to assemble the list of items that we need to finish before the draft specification will be ready for consideration as a committee draft.  As I was putting this together I realized my individual view is probably not sufficient and that I very much would like your input on what still needs to be done. 
Please take the next week to review the specification draft I posted to the list last week and send me any items that you believe should be added/edited before the committee takes the specification to a vote.  I will compile everyone's inputs into a schedule to complete the document.  Please send me your inputs by the end of the day on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 and I will post the schedule by March 3, 2007.
Thank you,

James Helms

Director of Research and Development
Harmonia, Inc.
P.O. Box 11282
Blacksburg, VA 24062

Office: (540) 951-5900 x 205
Cell: (540) 558-9722


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