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Subject: Re: Happy New Year! and back to UIML :)

Oh, I accidentally left Kris off the list of voting members.  Ideally
I would like to find a date that works for all of us.  If one cannot
be decided on, then I'll investigate holding the vote via e-mail.


On 1/10/08, Jim Helms <jhelms@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I hope that each and everyone of you is enjoying a prosperous start to
> the New Year and that you have enjoyed your time off for the holidays.
> I would like for the TC to meet to vote on the current specification
> to ratify it as a Committee Draft so that we can get UIML started into
> the public review process.  To do so we will need all of our voting
> members to attend (Jean, Robbie, Heinz-Josef, and I) to place their
> votes.  What are everyone's schedules looking like in January?  I can
> be available pretty much any day, anytime.  Just take into account
> that I am about 6 hours earlier than most of you. :)
> Regards, and best wishes!
> Jim

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