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Subject: Re: Reminder: Send Potential Third Party Reviewers to List

Hello all,

The time has come to submit our Committee Draft of the UIML 4.0
specification for public review!  In order to do so we must conduct a
Full Majority Vote to approve the current Committee Draft as our
Public Review Draft.  To facilitate this vote, I would like for us to
meet via teleconference.  Here are some possible dates (time is
flexible for me):

Tuesday (4/29)
Wednesday (4/30)
Thursday (5/1)
Friday (5/2).

Please respond with the dates that you can be available and I will
take care of setting up the conference.  Also remember to come with
suggestions of third party reviewers or public e-mail lists that can
the review can be announced to.


On 2/20/08, Jim Helms <jhelms@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just a quick reminder, to please send a list of potential third party
> reviewers to the UIML list for consideration by all.  Since we have
> voted in the last meeting (1/23) to accept the current draft as a
> Committee Draft, the next step is to organize for the public review.
> My apologies for being delinquent on the minutes.  I'm planning to
> have the website updated by the end of the week.
> Best,
> Jim

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