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unitsml-comment message

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Subject: Kudos

Just wanted to share a good experience...  I looks like I will likely have to "play nicely" with potential UBL applications, so I've been looking into that OASIS standard. I noticed that they had their own methods for handling units, by using a codelist from the UN/ECE. However, looking at the UnitsML spec, I noticed the connections with CodeLists is there, so that I can easily transform information that uses unitsML into information that based onUBL schemas. 


This was a nice way to start my day and attests to the fact that you folks are forging UnitsML in a way that is complimentary to existing work.  



Deb - the Units neophyte

PS. Will you be adding codelist entries for the major code lists in your database or are you assuming that those of us who may have to bridge to other representations do so in an external data representation?


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