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Subject: OASIS UnitsML TC Asynchronous Meeting - Sept 12, 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Because of the small size of the UnitsML TC and because of the conflicts associated with attending the TC teleconferencing meetings, I've decided to try an asynchronous format for this upcoming meeting. There will be no teleconferencing meeting on Wed., Sept 12, 2007. Basically, I'll post some material to the TC web site on Wed., Sept 12, including specific aspects of the material that should be examined. In order to be considered in attendance at the meeting, it is the responsibility of each TC member (or observer) to comment on this material within a specific period of time. I chose the period of 10 days for comments, so comments must be received by Fri. Sept 21, 2007. Comments should be e-mailed to the entire TC and we can even have a lively e-mail discussion during the allotted time period. If this format works well, we can choose to adopt this type of meeting for regular meetings, scheduling a teleconferencing meeting possibly quarterly.

Note that I will be out of the office during the week of Sept. 17, but will read the comments when I return on Mon., Sept. 24.

Robert A. Dragoset, physicist
Physics Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology

100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8400
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Phone: 301-975-3718
Email: dragoset@nist.gov
Website: http://physics.nist.gov

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