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unitsml message

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Subject: Comments for Async UnitsML Meeting

Hello folks,

In reading through the proto guide, it occurred to me that we need to think 
about how to keep the schema, NDRs, and documentation well linked together.  
This is perhaps more critical for UnitsML than for an "ordinary" markup 
language because UnitsML is being built to be a component instead of a stand 
alone entity.  With a stand alone, many times all you need to know is how the 
overall thing functions such as what you put in and what you get out.  You 
don't have to care too much about what is inside and how it does what it does.  
But with a component, you need to know a lot more to insure that it will play 
well with the other code that is being used.  So, we will likely have more 
folks who are interested in how UnitsML works, in things like NDRs, and in the 
design philosophy of UnitsML.

I agree with Peter that we need to do something minimally more with 
quantities, but I'm not advocating a scope expansion to include 


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