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Subject: Re: [unitsml] UNITSML discussion: WSDL conversion services

All & Stuart,

This message is intended to be part of the "asynchronous" part of the 
August UnitsML discussion.

I agree with you Peter, for two primary reasons:

1) Each WSDL service is required to include information regarding how 
to access the service; e.g., required and optional input parameters, 
format for both input and output parameters, etc. I'm not an expert 
in WSDL services, but I don't see the advantage of allowing the user 
to include the instructional information (provided by the WSDL 
service) in the UnitsML portion of an instance document.

2) As far as I'm aware, we have not included numeric values in the 
UnitsML portion of an instance document; the numeric values of a 
quantity would be handled elsewhere in the instance document. For 
example, in the Float64ConversionFrom element using the conversion 
equation y = d + ((b / c) (x + a)), we include the factors a, b, c, & 
d, but not the initial value, x (nor do we calculate the final value, 
y). I think calculations such as these or those provided by a WSDL 
service should be handled outside of the UnitsML portion.

Since you recommended the WSDL addition to the UnitsML Schema, do you 
have any comments about these statements?

Bob Dragoset

PS: I sent this email to the OASIS UnitsML email list, but also to 
Stuart directly because I received a message from OASIS stating that 
they were having problems with receiving email and I wanted to post 
this for Stuart to see during the asynchronous portion of the 
meeting. If the problem with OASIS persists, I may extend the 
asynchronous portion of the meeting.

At 07:21 PM 8/22/2008, Peter J. Linstrom wrote:
>   This message is intended to be part of the "asynchronous"
>part of the August UnitsML discussion.
>   During the August 13 meeting we briefly discussed the
>"WSDLConversionFrom" element. This element is intended to
>be a reference to on-line services which can provide unit
>conversions. I believe the simplest way to handle this
>is to simply point to a WSDL file which describes the
>resource. This would mean that the amount of information
>which would need to be stored in the element would be
>minimized. Specifically I believe that only the following
>would need to be stored:
>1.) Identifier for source unit.
>2.) Comment describing the service.
>3.) URL for the appropriate WSDL file.
>This has the advantage of being simple and robust with
>respect to different types of services (since all of the
>information is in the WSDL file). However this approach
>has some drawbacks:
>* There is no way to map unit names to parameter
>  values in the WSDL service (if the service requires
>  this information).
>* There is no information about the format in which
>  values are provided and returned.
>* There is no information about the accuracy of the
>  conversion.
>Since this is version 1 of UnitsML I do not think these
>drawbacks (which could be addressed in later versions)
>outweigh the value of recording WSDL service information.
>   I would greatly appreciate any input that others
>on the committee may have on this issue.
>Peter Linstrom
>Peter J. Linstrom
>NIST, Physical and Chemical Properties Division
>Phone: (301) 975-5422
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