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unitsml message

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Subject: WSDL 1.66/2 1st attempt...

Hey TC..

(this mail shall be recorded as part of the 2-week asynchronous portion of
the UnitsML OASIS TC Meeting of Feb 11 2009)

Now for 2) -- what parameters are necessary to fulfill the goal in 1).

There's a very short answer, a medium answer and a long answer.

Here's the short one:
In general: Too many...

Here's the medium answer:
We need:
- location of WSDL (URL) [Needs to be WSDL 2.0 compliant file]
- service (QName)
- endpoint (QName)
- operation (QName)
- message template (XML fragment | string)
- XPath pattern to extract value from reply

The service determines the interface; the endpoint determines the used  
By that we can deduce available operations, message types, message exchange
pattern, communication and transport protocols.  By the stored operation,
can deduce how to communicate (If the message exchange pattern is well-known
and sort of trivial). By the use of the message template, can construct the
message for talking to the service. By means of interface/operation, can
lookup potential responses. By the stored Xpath pattern, can tell where to
look for the answer.

I'm not yet 100% confident that this is all to it, but it looks reasonable.
This will only work though if we restrict(*) potential services to use a
subset of possible protocols, message exchange patterns, etc.

I'm still working on the long answer.


(*) As it isn't in the scope of the TC no normative material of course can
follow here and the language I used does not reflect that.
Everywhere where a statement smells too strong, in your mind insert "suggest
to avoid in the guidelines", "encourage use in the documentation" or similar

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