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Subject: NOTICE: UnitsML TC Meeting on May 11, 2011 postponed

Dear colleagues,

For a number of reasons, I've decided to postpone the UnitsML TC meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday, May 11, 2011). I was on travel for 1 week and then sick leave for 1 week. After I returned to NIST, Martin had left for several weeks. I've sent email to Martin regarding the status of the UnitsML Guidelines, but haven't received a reply yet. Also, Peter Linstrom is on leave from NIST until mid-May. I'll probably call in to see if anyone is attending the meeting by teleconference, but I don't have any business to discuss until I hear back from Martin. I may decide to change the format of this meeting to be only asynchronous (i.e., communication by email). Please let me know if you have any issues that need to be addressed.


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